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JobFinder Affiliate Program


JobFinder Affiliate Program

1,500.00 1,400.00

Make Latest Jobs update Go viral and Get Paid.

Do you ever think of making ₦15,000 or More Weekly as  Jobfinder Affiliate? Then join JobFinder Affiliate Program today with a pro-membership signup fee of ₦1,400.

Being a Jobfinder Affiliate member It’s profitable & sustainable for which to make a change in his or her life. Take advantage of affiliate system and earn legitimately and Smartly

Fee: ₦ 1400.00

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Registration Membership Payment : ₦1,400

Affiliate Earning Commision: ₦1,000

New Signup Bonus : ₦100

Job Updates Post & Viral Share : ₦15 Each

Withdrawal threshold: ₦5,000

Referral is optional but with referral you earn reasonable amount to cater for your need.

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